João Teixeira


“As a teenager, Portuguese born João Teixeira was to experience his first connection to dance music in the late 90′s. Always a faithful listener to Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and general music he was introduced to his first great House party by a friend, walking into such an electric venue with pulsating light, great House Music blasting from the speakers and thousands of people smiling and dancing to this electric sound blew his mind. He was hooked, he had found his House! And the love affair with Electronica started.

A addiction that could not be stopped, he had to understand this music that was running through his viens. So Deep House was his passion that he soon learnt to DJ and with in a short time he was being booked for gigs because of his great taste of fresh new music, he had become the DJ to book for House.

His addiction did not stop there, he felt he needed to express his musical knowledge and sound that was part of him and there started his production and writing journey. He soon was releasing and getting praise for his productions. He had found a way to express his unique take of House Music.”