Fauvrelle has been inspired to focus clearly on the music he wants to make and the sound he aims to represent.

Having graced consoles and rocked floors at clubs back home in Portugal and around the world, like Zouk in Singapore, Pacha in NYC, Womb in Tokyo, Space in Miami, Rex in Paris and Circus in Montreal, Fauvrelle drops the right beats and allows his brilliant DJ sets to combine the marathon-like traditions of the New York’s house music scene with a modern touch and taste of Europe’s current house wave. Combining old music influences with new ideas, Fauvrelle is a true master of the dance music craft and a name to look out for at present, and in the near future.

In 2012 he promises a new record label, “In Flagrante Music” that will present a fresh and eclectic flavor of electronic productions to music lovers globally. Breaking away from the conventional boundaries of the industry, where music is conveniently pigeon-holed into genres, and sounds are often recycled and reproduced, this new label allows Fauvrelle to produce true and quality dance floor tunes, and will be a reflection of his music during his DJ sets – an epic journey of diverse and interesting musical elements.

In Flagrante’s whole purpose is to have a platform for his own creativity as well as other artists he feels they fit the music attitude. The all-concept is to be caught doing what you feel like doing, and sample what you might think that can be re-designed in any dance genre or any bpm. The idea is not be categorized as this or that, but enjoyed! The label’s visual identity (created by Quim Castillo) is extremely provocative and unique as well as its label nights.”